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Internet (inter-network) may imply extensive computer network that connects computer users a single computer with other computers and can connect with a computer from country to country around the world, in which there are many kinds of information service facilities or surfing the Internet Browsing Namely activities of “surfing” on the internet. In the right analogy this activity can be like a walk in the mall, looking at the shops without buy anything. Electronic mail (E-mail) facility is used to send letters / with other people, without knowing the limits, time, space activities and even bureaucratic Namely Searching for specific information or data on the internet Chatting this facility is used to communicate directly with other people on the internet . in general, these facilities are often used to talk or chat in the internet world wide web (WWW) with the world wide web (WWW) is you can take, formatting, and display information (including text, audio, graphics and video) using the Mailing list links hypertext facility is used to discuss electronically by using E-mail. mailing This list is used to exchange information, opinions and so forth.
A. Positive impact:
1)Internet as a medium of communication, is a function of the Internet’s most
widely used in which every Internet user can communicate with other users
from around the world.
2)Media data exchange, using email, newsgroups, ftp and www (world wide web ) of Internet users worldwide can exchange information quickly and cheaply.
3)Media to seek information or data, the Internet’s rapid growth, making the www as one important source of information and accurate.
4)Ease of obtaining information on the internet so people know what happened.
5)Can be used as a land information for education, culture, etc.
6)Ease of transacting and doing business in the field of trade, so no need to go toward the place of supply / salling.

B. Negative impact
Assumption which says that the Internet is identical to pornography, it is not wrong. With the ability to deliver information owned by the internet, pornography spread. for anticipate any of this, the producers of supplement their program with the ability to choose the type of home page which can be found access. In internet pornography images and violence that could result in encouragement to someone to act criminal violence and gore.
This is indeed rampant in any field. Internet was not spared from attacks by fraudsters. The best way is to ignore it or confirm the information you find on the provider of such information.
how to shop using credit cards is probably the most common ways that the internet world. Internet criminals even the most committed crimes in this field. With an open nature, the criminals could detect the existence of a transaction (using Credit Card) on-line and record the code card is used. To further their use of the data they get for the interests of their crimes.
Another effect is the expansion of gambling. With the available networks, the gamblers do not need to go to a special place to fulfill her desire. You only need to avoid sites like this, because the gambling sites are generally not aggressive and require a lot of approval from this visitor.


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